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When you work with Unstuck Consultants, distance and team size are not barriers; they are opportunities for collaboration and excellence. Leveraging video conferencing technology, we seamlessly bridge geographical and time zone gaps to provide our clients with top-notch solutions regardless of their location. Our adaptable and collaborative approach ensures that the number of team members involved is not a limiting factor but rather an asset, allowing us to assemble dynamic, expert teams tailored to each project's unique needs. Through effective communication channels and agile methodologies, we empower global team members to work cohesively, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive and customized E2E solutions that transcend their businesses.

Iterative Solutions

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First, we begin with our Pre-engagement Process:

  • One or two initial engagement meetings

  • A 2-3 hour Deep Dive session with key stakeholders

  • Custom Services Solution Envisioning, that can be collaborative or left to Unstuck

  • A detailed estimation process

  • A presented proposal

Next, our Development Process begins:

  • Iterative product development. We believe in MVPs, phased releases, and time-based development sprints and releases.

  • A transparent and highly collaborative process

  • Hybrid onshore/offshore teams *

  • Best practices for product design, development, test and deployment

  • Scale teams as needed  

  • Roadmaps are vital but are expected to be broken

* Many organizations have tried using offshore teams to do their development work – the cost benefits are compelling. However, these efforts have frequently been beset with problems of low quality, lack of consistency and late delivery. Unstuck has solved this problem by developing an approach that allows us to build cohesive and integrated teams that combine onshore and offshore resources.

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