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Unstuck Consultants builds large-scale (Enterprise), cloud-based, Software Applications and Websites for B2B and B2C markets.  Using only the latest tools and methodologies, we build the highest quality applications available on the market today.  In addition to software and website development, we offer project & competitive analysis, project timeline and cost estimates, and full-scale project management.   


We work with early stage, start up, growth, or declining B2B & B2C SAAS companies and provide them with an opportunity to organize or reorganize their programs or processes so they can monetize or remonetize their ideas and/or business opportunities.  Got new app ideas or just need to update old ones?  We can guide you a little or a lot, until project completion.  Some clients engage us to "Scope the Project".  Is it viable?  What are the costs? What is the competition? What are the financial projections?   Others hire us from project start to project completion. Some hire us to fix broken or unfinished or overly frustrating projects. We work with our clients to get them what they need.  Unstuck Consultants helps companies get their ideas or projects realized, and we do the heavy lifting to get companies unstuck.   How do you start?  What does it look like when it's done? Where are you every step of the way? Let us manage your projects and get your ideas, progress, and business opportunities realized. 


Our services include: 

Software Development, Website Design & Development, Project Management, Sales Transformation Strategies, Competitive Market Analyses, Financial Projections, Direct Sales & Sales Channel Development, Marketing Management, Product Demo Development, and more.  






Unstuck Consultants began in 2015 when Robin Regina Baker realized that her in depth software development and project management skill sets were interchangeable across industries that utilize B2B & B2C SAAS technology or online business models.  


Robin built 3 successful SAAS companies and after the sale of Learning Today (now known as iReady), she went on to work for other B2B & B2C SAAS companies.  In doing so, she found that many SAAS and online companies have a substantial amount of dysfunction that costs them a lot of time and money, and sometimes failure.  She found that the dysfunctions can be a result of poor organizational structure, poor planning techniques, lack of skills in key roles, communication issues, processes or projects that were not planned properly and are in need of re-engineering, overwork of key people (not enough staff), unexpected growth or new opportunities, micromanagement, turnover, and much much more.  At minimum, Robin offers software or website development and executive-level project management. However, Robin also excels in in-depth competitive intelligence, tactical, operational and strategic analysis of business models, business intelligence & data analytics, process re-engineering, sales management and/or marketing development to help your company get back on track. 


Robin decided to launch Unstuck Consultants, so she could replicate her skills and, in turn, help many companies that want a new beginning and a real chance at making it to the next level. 


Robin's Official Bio

Robin is a successful software entrepreneur who architected, built, ran and then sold her education technology company in 2012, which became the #1 Ed Tech product in the US Marketplace ("Learning Today" now known as "iReady").  Since then, Robin went onto several technology-related projects including:


  • The launch of a cloud-based social media aggregator;

  • Creation and launch of a maritime anti-piracy security application;

  • Designing and building/rebuilding several education technology applications;

  • Designing and building several learning management systems (LMS);

  • Scoping, Designing and building a 4-phase Visitor, Incident, and Event Management System for School Safety and Security

  • Website Development Project Management for International Resort Company;

  • Sales & Marketing consulting for several consumer & enterprise-based companies;


Robin has 18+ years of experience in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) applications in software design, software development, project management, as well as business development and marketing.   Ms. Baker is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and has a B.S., MIS & Computer Science, and an MBA in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics.   Her role with her clients ranges from Project Management, Software Development, Website Design and Development, Sales Transformation Strategies, Competitive Market Analyses, Financial Projections, Direct Sales & Sales Channel Development, Marketing Management, SEO & SEM Management, Product Demo Development, and more.  


Ms. Baker is a mother of two sons, has four dogs including two English Bulldogs, and enjoys paddle boarding, snow skiing and hiking with her husband and children.


Unstuck Consultants specialize in Ed Tech, HR & Payroll (HRMS), Public Safety, Maritime, Healthcare, Hospitality/Travel, Gaming and Corporate software businesses. 



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