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It's never too late to do it right.

So many people and so many companies have great ideas. Ideas for new businesses and existing businesses. New applications, whether they are web apps, native iOS and/or Android apps, cross platform apps, Unity apps, gaming apps... apps are all the rage! There is no doubt that we are in the "Application Development Era."

Many people think, "I want to build an app for _____(fill in the blank)_______. However, they have no idea about the world they will enter if they have the funding and the bravery to enter it. Many of these people are experts in their field, let's say "real estate or car tuning" for example. They know their businesses well, but they have zero idea what it's going to take to make that idea become realized. You've probably heard those same enthusiasts say, "I have this great idea and found some developers that said it's not going to take very long or be very expensive." They begin their journey, bright eyed and hopeful. The problem is, they have no experience managing software development. They have no idea what pitfalls lie ahead.

Then there are the companies that say, "We want a new website and web application so that we can be the market leaders (or at least keep up with them)." However, they have no idea that the website is tied to critically important eCommerce or analytics or SEO. They are one click away from losing revenue, traffic and even basic functionality.

So how do you avoid these pitfalls? Or, better yet, if you enter the "dark side" alone... how do you save the project?

First and foremost, you have to start listening to your gut. Yes, your gut. Your gut knows if the project is going south. If you are an experienced business person, then you know when the answers aren't adding up and/or the evidence isn't available... that means that your project hit the proverbial hiccup. Sometimes these "hiccups" are so huge, that you think you may never catch your breath. The answer is simple. Catch your breath.

STOP. Stop, research, and find your answers. If you are one of the majority who realize that you are way over budget, and way under in deliverables, it's time to rethink. So what if you lose a month... you are already in trouble. Pause or come to a full stop. Find a certified project management professional to come in either as an employee or as a consultant, but find one! Once you are certain that they meet the criteria you need to turn the project around, then GO... hire them and let them do what should've been done when you first said to yourself, "I want to build an app" or "We need a new backend and website to drive traffic and increase revenue."

And BTW, don't beat yourself up. Many individuals and well-known brands alike make the same mistake. Just don't let the mistake end up frustrating you so much that your project never comes to fruition... or that you settle for 50% of what you signed up for just because you are so upset. If you do the later, you will build it again and again, which will cost you, again and again.

It's never too late to do it right. STOP, REGROUP, and then GO. If you don't, you are in it for the longest long-haul you can ever imagine. #unstuckconsultants #projectmanagement

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