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Hiring a Consultant makes Cents


Just a few years ago, I had a team of 50+ working daily on our Ed Tech company "to do" lists. This included content programmers, content writers, project managers, developers, administrative staff, and... consultants. We were always under deadline to deliver the latest educational content, the most sophisticated graphics, and a user-interface to die for.

Although I was very fortunate that 90% of my team stayed with me year after year for 14 years, I found that sometimes hiring a consultant exactly what I needed to do to get "Unstuck" or to the next level. My ex-partner and I hired consultants on a regular basis to help us find better, faster ways to develop, sell and innovate. We would even hire legal or accounting consultants to ensure our business was as lean and agile as it could be.

Hiring the right people, whether a W2 or a 1099, is all about "Hiring the right people." The most important thing is that you understand exactly what your needs are so that you onboard them correctly. This is particularly true when it comes to hiring a consultant. Make sure you "Know what your Don't Know" so that you have a clear direction for your consultant(s).

Also, in terms of "Cents", hiring a consultant can save you time and money in these ways:

1- Reduced payroll taxes

2- No medical benefits

3- No pension/profit-sharing

4- No PTO

5- Utilize consultants' time as much as needed… not more.

If you're stuck or stagnated, think about hiring a consultant to get you to the next level.

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